10 Calmest and Quietest Dog Breeds List

Who are the top 10 most calm and quiet dog breeds? Here are the list of calm and quiet dog breeds that will answer that question. When you decide on purchasing or adopting dogs, you want to hear some barks at home to feel the company of them. Yet some people who live with neighbors will love to find dogs that do not bark a lot and disturb others especially when you stay at apartments, you want the quiet ones. Now, if you look for a list, we got it here then you can do some research on quiet dogs before moving them home.

Golden Retriever - Quiet Dog Breeds

Golden Retriever – Quiet Dog Breeds by hdpaperwall.com

Bull Mastiff - Quiet Dog Breeds

Bull Mastiff – Quiet Dog Breeds by bullmastiffdog.net

Italian Greyhound - Quiet Dog Breeds

Italian Greyhound – Quiet Dog Breeds by mccullagh.org

Newfoundland - Quiet Dog Breeds

Newfoundland – Quiet Dog Breeds by pets4homes.co.uk

10 Calmest and Quietest Dog Breeds List

#10 Golden Retriever – these affectionate, loyal and friendly fellows with golden heart hardly bark.

#9 Saint Bernard – they make great therapy dogs and playful friends, and they do not really bark a lot.

#9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – getting popularity, this one is a bad loner that needs attention and it does not bark much.

#8 Bull Mastiff – this great guard dog does not make noises and quite loyal buddy.

#7 Bernese Mountain Dog – this one is known as calm house dog.

#6 Mastiff – this breed is intimidating but not from his bark but from his size and appearance.

#5 Whippet –This canine gets along well with other animals and quite energetic yet he can be very calm and reserved when he needs to.

#4 Italian Greyhound –They are defiant yet they do not bark a lot.

#3 Great Pyrenees – known for the big heart in a big body, this breed is nicely composed.

#2 Great Dane –This large and tall fellow is very sensitive and gentle dog that hardly bark but when it does it sounds extremely loud.

#1 Newfoundland – this one is very calm and loyal and he does not really bark.

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