10 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers are the Best Dogs

Why Golden Retrievers are the best dogs ever? We have 10 reasons to answer that question. We know that Golden Retrievers are very popular in UK, USA and many other countries. Now, please read this 10 reasons why Golden Retrievers are the best dogs.

  1. Goldens are basically the ultimate family dog.
    Golden Retriever Family Pet

  2. Their intelligence allows them to fill a variety of roles, including service dogs for the blind.
    Golden Retriever Blind Guard Dog

  3. How adorable they are as puppies.
    Cute Golden Retriever Puppies

  4. They have very friendly personalities.
    Golden Retriever Dog with Cat

  5. Goldens were bred to retrieve, so you know they can play many good games.
    Golden Retriever Playing Game

  6. They also comfort people and help aid relief efforts.
    Golden Retriever Comfort People and Help People

  7. They’re the best kind of holiday gift.
    Golden Retriever Puppy Gift

  8. Golden Retrievers are strong and athletics.
    Golden Retriever Surfing Pictures

  9. They also love the water, which makes them a great companion on summer days at the pool.
    Golden Retriever at Pool

  10. The Golden Retrievers’s smile and face are very cute and lovely.
    Golden Retriever Puppies Smile

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