15 Best Dog Breeds for Hunting

Hunting is one of the most popular activity in U.S. You will need this information about dog breeds that make great hunters. We have listed the top 15 best dog breeds for hunting. The dogs will help you to hunting.

15 Best Dog Breeds for Hunting

    15. Rhodesian Ridgeback
    Rhodesian Ridgeback Hunting Dogs
    Rhodesian Ridgeback Hunting Dogs by ridgebackchivas.wordpress.com
    Rhodesian Ridgeback is also called an African Lion Hound that original from South Africa. This dogs are originally bred to hunt lions, making them an ideal overall large game hunter.

    14. Weimaraner
    Weimaraner Hunting Dogs
    Weimaraner Hunting Dogs by pointingdogblog.blogspot.com
    The Weimaraner dogs are very agile hunters that are specialize in large game like deer, boar and bears.

    13. Bluetick Coonhound
    Bluetick Coonhound Hunting Dogs
    Bluetick Coonhound Hunting Dogs image by bestbullysticks.com
    Mountain lions are tough to catch… unless you’re a Bluetick Coonhound. These tenacious canines have the skills to stalk this illusive cat and the cajones to stand paw-to-paw with them.

    12. Plott Hound
    Plott Hound Hunting Dogs
    Plott Hound Hunting Dogs by findthebest.com
    Plott Hounds are bear hunters extraordinaire. They have short, very choppy barks, which allow them to keep running while still alerting hunters to their location.

    11. American Foxhound
    American Foxhound Hunting Dogs
    American Foxhound Hunting Dogs by nextdaypets.com
    The American Foxhound excel at moving deer and can keep up with them better than smaller alternatives.

    10. Mountain Cur
    Mountain Cur Hunting Dogs
    Mountain Cur Hunting Dogs by pineymountaincurs.com
    The Mountain Cur dogs are built to hunt squirrels. They’re related to hounds, so they have great noses and voices, but they’re also tenacious and protective.

    9. Treeing Walker Hound
    Treeing Walker Hound Hunting Dogs
    Treeing Walker Hound Hunting Dogs by wikipedia.org
    The Treeing Walker Hound dogs are fast, loud and nosey with a great nose. Used mostly for coon hunting, they can also chase down larger game like deer, small rodents and even chase cougars, bears and coyotes, making them double as excellent protection in the woods.

    8. Dogo Argentino
    Dogo Argentino Hunting Dogs
    Dogo Argentino Hunting Dogs by mrazovack9.com
    The Dogo Argentino is larger, more powerful and more athletic than a Pit Bull. This dog is a natural choice for hunting feral pigs.

    7. Appalachian Turkey Dog
    Appalachian Turkey Dog Hunting
    Appalachian Turkey Dog Hunting by photobucket.com
    The Appalachian Turkey Dog is a serious specialist as a turkey-hunting dog.

    6. Beagle
    Beagle Hunting Dogs
    Beagle Hunting Dogs by beaglehappy.com
    Beagles are compact and energetic hunting dogs that also known as the ultimate rabbit hunters.

    5. Labrador Retriever
    Labrador Retriever Hunting Dogs
    Labrador Retriever Hunting Dogs
    Labs are water dogs, making them the go-to pooch for duck and goose hunting.

    4. Deutsch Drahthaar
    Deutsch Drahthaar Hunting Dogs
    Deutsch Drahthaar Hunting Dogs by ihunt.gr
    The Deutsch Drahthaars are more than just versatile game dogs but also great to track using their incredible sniffers through land and water.

    3. German Wirehaired Pointer
    German Wirehaired Pointer Hunting Dogs
    German Wirehaired Pointer Hunting Dogs by petzmag.com
    The German Wirehaired Pointer is driven by the hunt with a penchant for tracking.

    2. Vizsla
    Vizsla Hunting Dog
    Vizsla Hunting Dog by superhry.cz
    The Vizsla is one of the more easily trained bird dogs, the Vizsla is a powerhouse in the field, but when they get home, they know that all work and no play makes Vizsla a dull pup!

    1. Brittany
    Brittany Hunting Dog
    Brittany Hunting Dog
    Brittany is adorable, loyal, affectionate and spirited dog breeds. The Brittany is smaller and lower to the ground than most other pointing breeds.

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