4 Tips to Train Hyperactive Dog/Puppy

Do you need some information about how to train your hyperactive dog or puppy? Here are the 4 tips to train hyperactive dog/puppy by the expert. Dogs especially some special breeds tend to be very hyperactive which drives us crazy. Regardless of what canine they are and their sizes, there are some efforts you can do to face such pets since they need mental and physical stimulation for a happy life just like how human normally is.
Hyperactive Dog
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Here they are things you can do!

    4. Go for a run

    Running with Dog
    by pawnation.com
    When your hyperactive dogs are tired they will behave nicely and well, so what you can do for them to use their energy is to go for a run. It may be the simplest easiest effort you may try daily since this can be part of their exercise regime.

    3. Play a game

    Playing Puppy
    by doggybook.com.br
    Hyperactive dogs love playing and hate to stay still or sleep. You can encourage them by choosing games that can benefit them mentally and help their muscles grow stronger and sturdier. There is a game called the “shell game” designed to support hyperactivity in dogs. Here’s what you’ll need:

      a. Three small ceramic cups
      b. Healthy treats or kibble
      c. Patience

    Put some treats or kibble inside a cup and place each of them down. Make them sniff and find which one has the snack. Let them moving the cups around and flipping the cups over to discover it.

    2. Brain power

    Dog Brain Power Training
    by cleveland.com
    If they are not promoted to do things well, they tend to get bored very easily. This will result constant brain stimulation in addition to physical exercise to remain consistently well-behaved. You can pick toys that allow encouragement for little brain use. This will make them sharper and smarter. Canine puzzles or dog memory games like “hide and seek” method to finding treats are some of the best games you can offer to them.

    1. Pick your battles

    Command a Dog
    by coprophagia-in-dogs.com
    You can also choose to do some more training for your hyperactive breeds to enhance good manners and behavior like giving commands such as “sit,” “stay,” “leave it” and “drop it”.

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