4 Ways the Dogs Can Help You Lose Weight

How about lose weight running with your dog? Why do not take most possible advantages from the dog at its best? We really think that you actually should take them. And the good news is you can really be as fit as you want and losing weight as much as you desire. Your dogs will have to help in this case. There are two eminent experts, Jillian Michaels, the health and wellness expert and Cesar Millan, the star of Dog Whisperer who both knows everything about dogs and exercise. From them we learn how to incorporate and empower dogs in human exercise routines which are presented below:
Lose Weight Running With Your Dog

    Lose Weight Running With Your Dog

    1. How you care for yourself is closely related to how you care for your dog.
    People who like to pamper themselves also love to indulge their dogs by feeding them foods excessively. And the disaster will come when this unwise owner does not go exercises to balance things out because their dogs must be mostly also at home. According to Caesar, dogs are animals with great adaptability and it is very easy for them to follow the paths of their owners. On the other hand, Jillian stated that dogs are potential for almost all human diseases, so we have to be careful of their health also.
    2. Incorporating your dog into your exercise or walking routine can make weight loss fun for both of you.
    Taking a walk regularly with your dog is always more fun and it can make the bond of the both of you even closer. Moreover, this can be good exercises. You can take them for jogging in intervals or hill walks and maybe rollerblading, bike riding, skateboarding for more active dogs.
    3. Match breed and energy with the right exercise program
    You can decide on certain activities depending upon your dogs’ breeds and energy levels. Because they will have different amount of exercise needed to keep them fit as said by Caesar. And you as the owners will have to be ready for such challenge. It may be tough for you at first, but then you can take all the benefits of having strong energetic dogs.
    4. Your dog will be your best exercise coach and motivator
    This is it. You may have different intention when you first decide to have your pets, but once you know they can be your great motivator and coach, you should not waste them to stay home with you. Make a list for you and your do’s daily routines like walking, running and etc. and make it a habit. So when you feel like wanting to get lazy and stuff, your dogs will be the one who pulls and whine to ask you for the exercises that they are accustomed to.

Running With Dog That Can Help You Lose Weight

These two experts have been known for their moves of rehabilitating people using dogs’ helps which are successful. In conclusion, as said by Caesar himself, a healthy and balanced life can be achieved through the recipe which is

“Exercise, discipline, and affection, in that order.”

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