6 Long Haired German Shepherd Lovable Guard Dogs

Long Haired German Shepherd.

The most unique and amazing one was Max, who looks like a full size German Shepherd head and tail, on stumpy little Corgi legs! Long story short By the time we got him back, he was missing 3/4 of his hair, had a skin infection, ears infected. German Shepherd puppy, Sara, that she believes was stolen from her backyard on Aug. 14. Oliwia Florek has filed a police report after neighbors told her they saw a man carrying Sara away from Florekā€™s backyard near 87th Street and Long Avenue in Burbank.
Long Haired German Shepherd Brown

Teddy and Cookie are long-haired German shepherds, ages 4 and 3, respectively. They live in Pennsauken with Richard and Rosina Storck. The dogs were minding their own business the other day. Since becoming a recognised breed at the turn of the twentieth century, German Shepherds have been among the most popular dog breeds. This long-haired dog was the focus of every pair of eyes at the show. Susan Dubitsky told WSB-TV, Atlanta, she had done nothing to disturb the drug- and bomb-sniffing long-haired German shepherd Thursday. As the dog and its handler moved past her it latched on to her stomach.

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