Basenji Dog BreedReviews and Images

This Basenji dog breed reviews information and pictures will help you to know more about Basenji dog breed. This small-medium dog is cute and active dog that very great as watchdog.

Basenji information
Name : Basenji
Other names : African Bush Dog, African Barkless Dog, Ango Angari, Congo Dog, Zande Dog
Origin : Congo
Size Type : Medium Dog Breeds
Breed Group : Hound dog breeds (AKC), Sighthounds dog breeds (UKC)
Life span : 12 -16 years
Temperament : Playful, Curious, Affectionate, Intelligent, Alert, Energetic
Height : Male: 16–17 inches (41–43 cm) and Female : 15–16 inches (38–41 cm)
Weight : Male: 10–12 kg and Female: 9–11 kg
Colors : Black, Tan, Brindle, Red, Black & White, Tri-color
Coat : The coat is short and fine. The skin is very pliant.
Puppy Price : Average $800 – $1200 USD

Basenji Dog Breed Pictures

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