Basic 10 Tips for Training Your Puppy

Here are the 10 tips for training your puppy that will help you to training your lovely puppy. Starting from day one you got your new puppy, it is best to start doing some training and shaping their habits and behaviors. You may do it yourself or taking help from special classes or hiring professionals. If you like to do it yourself, the following basic tips might help a lot.

Puppy Potty Training


Easy Puppy Training Tips

10. Start training right away
You need to start as early as possible so that they know what things to do and not to do and make their good habits. You can make your plans on what to train them and what to teach them so you do not miss anything.

9. Be Patient, Persistent and Consistent
Puppies are not in their best age to learn things as quickly as you wish. They are still clumsy and make many mistakes, so you have to be incredibly patient, persistent and consistent to do things again and again until they are good at it. Fickleness is not allowed so be firm and be a good leader in front of them.

8. Set up his own private place
Make their own sleeping area where they will find peace and restful feeling. This can be part of house training. They need to treasure their own place and make it their only place where they find safe and sound for them when anything happens.

7. Discourage biting and nipping
Never encourage them to bite. Though it may not hurt since they are still babies yet the habit may be taken into their adults if you do not stop them. You can allow them to chew by giving them special toys since this will good for their teeth also but no biting for sure.

6. Reward good behavior
Just like human does, your buddy loves to get rewards and praises when they do good or behave well. This will tell them that they do something right and are willing to repeat the deed again and again.

5. Discipline not cruelty
Never scold your dog in order to discipline them. Shouting, screaming harshly will never do for them. This negative warning will let them down. At the end of the day, they try their best to please you and have no idea how they do wrong. You can correct them with repetitions instead.

4. Short training sessions
Do not make the training seasons long and boring or tiring. Short training but frequent will be good. You can try for Ten to fifteen minute sessions which are plenty enough for your puppies.

3. Socialization
You should get them socialized and get friendly with others. You can bring them to classes to gain their confidence also and introduce them to new people and animals.

2. End training on a positive note
Always make sure that your dogs enjoy the training sessions since only when they feel good they will learn best. And always end every season with a positive note.

1. Play and interact with your puppy
Give all your love for them and they will love you back. You can kiss, pat, cuddle and interact with them nicely and make them get attached to you with good bond and friendship.

That’s all the list of top 10 tips for training your puppy that should you know. I hope the tips are useful for you. Thanks for reading the tips. If it’s useful please share it to you friends of family.

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