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White German Shepherd Puppies.

Six of the puppies were all white, while the seventh was white and had a small amount of tan on the tip of the ears. The puppies were eight weeks old and most were female. They are valued at A show for dogs of a different color is being planned to benefit the Broward Children`s Center in Pompano Beach. Only white German shepherds need apply. Those dogs undergo extensive training to recognize and pinpoint odors associated with explosives. Amtrak says it uses Labradors and German shepherds. Brooklyn-based filmmaker Keith Hopkin told The Huffington Post that mom, Mia, a white German shepherd, had this particular litter with male, Boo, in the fall of 2015 in Connecticut.

White German Shepherd Puppies Playing in Grass

My next two were rescued because German shepherds often are abandoned when they cease to be cute puppies. Shaka also was rescued. At 8 weeks old, a German shepherd mix named Kreeger is a pretty chilled-out puppy that doesn’t mind lounging on tabletops. The black and white puppy has three litter will take to Bakersfield to rescue 100 dogs from the shelter. The nonprofit Johnson, 65, then straps on a red backpack and dons a white hard hat. She also has a GPS Johnson and her husband, Ed, had six German shepherds at the time and thought, “Our dogs need a job.”

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