Doga: Dog Yoga Poses Ideas

People do yoga to keep their body, mind and soul balance. Yet dogs can do doga instead for the same purpose. The name comes for yoga for dogs. This really helps to reduce stress and give a peaceful feeling that happens to also make your bond with them even tighter. In practicing doga, dogs owner perform classic yoga poses together with their dogs like a position called “upward paw” (sun salutation). Pets are used as additional weight to support the owners’ stretches. To promote relaxation, some massages on your dogs and acupressure are performed.
Yoga Poses For Dogs Calendar

It may sound bizarre to have your dogs do yoga yet it is possible since they can do some common and basic yoga poses well beyond your imagination. Some of them include

  • Chaturanga poses in which dogs lie on their stomachs while someone strokes their back
  • Chair poses in which dogs sit on their hind legs with their front paws in the air while someone behind them holds them
  • Savasana relaxation poses in which dogs lie on their backs while someone rubs their belly.

Images of Dog Yoga Poses

There are some benefits can be obtained not only by you but also your dogs. It will help them relax and feel balanced. It also supports digestion through the massage portion of the class and help lower their blood pressure. They can also socialize themselves with the public that will gain their confidence. Yet there are some downsides to doga. Since there are no certified doga instructors, the practice may not be as well as it should be. Since they do not really know what they are doing, there are times while they bark and distract the whole parties and yoga which means to find peace cannot be executed well. Yet should you do doga? To answer this best is to see this activity to create a bond between you and your dogs more while some exercises will also help to maintain you and your dogs’ health.

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