Facts About Cavapoo Personality With Pictures

Here is a Cavapoo dog breed info and review with the pictures and photos. The Cavapoo is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Poodle with a pure bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Typically, miniature Poodles are cross bred with a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel to produce a very loyal, affectionate and good natured dog that is considered to have a low-shedding coat. Cavapoos are also known as Cavoos or Cavadoodles but they all have the same parent breeds.
Small Cavapoo Pictures

Cavapoo Body

The Cavapoos can vary in appearance depending on the genetic influence of the parents. Cavapoo has a shoulder height of 9-14 in (23-35 cm) and can weigh anywhere between 7-18 lbs. Most have a compact face with long, floppy ears and large brows.

Cavapoo Coat

The Cavapoo’s coat comes in soft, Poodle-like coat, though a few have the Cav’s longer, silkier and wavy coat. The Cavapoo can be a wide variety of colors including gold, black, white, Blenheim (brown and white), or tricolor (black, white, and tan).

Cavapoo Health

The Cavapoo is prone to certain diseases they have inherited from their parent breeds. However, not all Cavapoos will get these diseases but it is always good to know about them so you can keep an eye out for any symptoms should they occur. The conditions Cavapoos are predisposed to get as the following:

    – Skin conditions
    – Epilepsy
    – Syringomyelia
    – Hip dysplasia
    – Luxating patella
    – Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)
    – Mitral valve disease
    – Cataracts

Cavapoo Pictures

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Cavapoo Care

The regular brushing is needed on longer coats to avoid the hair from tangling. Their ears and nails need to be checked regularly and carefully trimmed when needed. They respond well to positive reinforcement training from people who are fair with them and who always show consistency and patience. It is also very important to keep a close watch on their teeth to make sure there is no build up of plaque, and as they get older regular health check ups at the vet are essential.

Cavapoo Training

The Cavapoo is intelligent and easily trained. A gentle and well varied approach is recommended. Most Cavapoos can learn a wide variety of tricks and are eager to please their owner. The Cavapoo can be housetrained fairly quickly.

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