Top 10 Manly Dog Breeds

Who are the top 10 Manly Dogs? Here are the list of top 10 manly dog breeds that identically with energetic style, strong and handsome. Some of them are the most popular dog breeds. If you interest in to buy these manly dogs you can find in pet shops or from the breeders.
Bulldog - Top 10 Manly Dogs

10. Bulldog – Manly Dog Breeds

When you mention manly dog, you cannot forget bulldog. This ugly faced dog is liked by guys more than girls do. Yet these breeds have lovely and affectionate personalities.

9. Husky – Manly Dog Breeds

This canine is known as a sled dog traditionally. They are huge and quite intimidating. They got the genes from wolf.

8. English Mastiff – Manly Dog Breeds

This one is also big with board strong build that shows how powerful this breed can be. Yet this dog is very patient, loyal and is quite full of grace. Men love this active dog.

Doberman Pinscher - Top 10 Manly Dogs

Doberman Pinscher by

7. Cane Corse – Manly Dog Breeds

In fact, this breed is a large Italian Molloser. You can see the muscles and why this one is exceedingly manly. The coat is great and this one loves to hunt. You may like this athletic dog because they are also very reliable and trustworthy.

6. Doberman Pinscher – Manly Dog Breeds

Once you see it, you feel like you want to just run. This breed is very intimidating. They are used for guards and also work for police a lot. They are also hunting dogs with agile moves and versatility. Apart from their muscular body, these canines have brains with them.

5. Rottweiler – Manly Dog Breeds

This breed is less aggressive compared to other manly big dogs. In fact, they can make great buddy. They are also very protective yet lovable and amiable.

German Shepherd - Top 10 Manly Dogs

German Shepherd by

4. German Shepherd – Manly Dog Breeds

This big dog is very popular. Turn on your TV and you see them everywhere in movies, dramas, and soaps as a bomb-sniffing, drug-searching, criminal-chasing dog. They do what others dog incapable of doing. In fact, these dogs are quite handsome too. They are loyal and very confident which make great guard dog.

3. Bloodhound – Manly Dog Breeds

Adults and kids love to see their faces. They are no good in speed or strength. Yet they are good in scenting things which make them great hunters. They are literally huge and quite tall.

2. Black Lab – Manly Dog Breeds

People love this breed for they got broad head, and thick-necked with a water resistant coat which are charming to see. This breed can swim also. They are friendly and will make great addition for all your family members.

1. Rhodesian Ridgeback – Manly Dog Breeds

Thus breed got their name by standing up to lions on South African plains. They are smart with great muscular build which shows their manly side.

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