Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds

When a small dog is too small for you and a large dog happens to be too big for you, you can also make a middle choice by taking a medium sized-breed home. Their sizes are found to be fit so many families. Some people find the cute and fragile small breeds or the tall and big large dogs just do not suit them. Just like all those people you can find solution here. And the good news is we got the list you might need to help you consider.

Poodle - Best Medium Dog Breeds


10. Poodle
This one is known to be family pet which is energetic and lively. They love exercises yet they can be stubborn sometimes.

9. Airedale Terrier
This one is popular medium-sized breed that is known to be good hunter and a hard worker. They are swift and smart so you need to train them well.

Basset Hound - Best Medium Dog Breeds


8. Basset Hound
This canine is also very popular. They are bred hunters with incredible sense of smelling.

7. Australian Shepherd Dog
The most loved medium sized-dog and also smart and trainable one is this dog.

Border Collie - Best Medium Dog Breeds


6. Border Collie
These breeds are seen a lot in television shows and very popular for their affectionate, sweet-temper and loyal disposition.

5. Boxer
Their similarity to pugs makes us think of them as the big brothers. Their unique face is adorable while their muscles look intimidating which make exotic combination.

English Bulldog - Best Medium Dog Breeds


4. Brittany
Coming originally from France, this breed knows how to hunt and is very famous medium sized dog. They are sweet and trainable which make things easier for us as the master.

3. English Bulldog
The most adorable medium sized is probably this dog. They are friendly fellows and quite obedient.

Golden Retriever - Best Medium Dog Breeds


2. Golden Retriever
This breed is not only popular but also the loved one. They are lovable and very affectionate fellows with heart of gold.

1. Labrador Retriever
These breeds are gun dogs that were bred to retrieve fowl. They are even-tempered and well-behaved dogs that you will find irresistible. They are friendly with little children and have been chosen as assistance dogs.

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