Top 10 Most High-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Do you know the most high-maintenance dog breeds? Here are the list of top 10 most high maintenance dog breeds. Some breeds of dog may take your efforts more than the others. Some of them prone to illness so you have to take care of their health while some of them need regular grooming for their coats with long hairs while others may need more exercises so you need to spare them your time and energy. There are 10 of them which we consider as high-maintenance dogs and let’s check them out.

#10 Yorkshire Terrier – High-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Yorkshire Terrier - High Maintenance Dog Breeds


This beautiful and girlish canine possesses straight long hair that looks so silky and gorgeous which demand intensive care and grooming.

#9 Labrador Retriever – High-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever - High Maintenance Dog Breeds


They love doing exercises and will not act nicely until you make them tired. Planning some fun games with tricks will interest them very much.

#8 Poodle – High-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Poodle - High Maintenance Dog Breeds


This fashionable and glamorous fellow is good for your allergy like what most people say. Yet their coats really demand regular grooming which will take your efforts since it can be so messy and difficult to groom.

#7 Jack Russell Terrier – High-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Jack Russell Terrier - High Maintenance Dog Breeds


This canine is also very active. They like jumping, running, digging things with no end every single day. And they bark also which can be annoying sometimes. You have to train them well to behave nicely.

#6 German Shorthaired Pointer – High-Maintenance Dog Breeds

German Shorthaired Pointer - High Maintenance Dog Breeds


Their energetic nature does make them love exercising and training a lot. They do not like stay indoors. They want to go outside and do some outdoor activities with you since they are originally hunting buddies.

#5 Cocker Spaniel – High-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Cocker Spaniel - High Maintenance Dog Breeds


For this breed being with a crowd is not for them. They are social-phobic with low confidence and want to be with you only. They are prone to ear infection and they need lots of grooming also.

#4 Brussels Griffon – High-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Brussels Griffon - High Maintenance Dog Breeds


This one will love his people extremely so that they desire no separation with you. You may have them if you are the type of person who crave for attention and love from your pet friend.

#3 Border Collie – High-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Border Collie - High Maintenance Dog Breeds


This dog love works excessively. They just cannot stay still and enjoy lazy time. They can wreck stuff if they feel bored since they find no works to do. You have to keep them occupied by providing them good activities.

#2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – High-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - High Maintenance Dog Breeds


This canine will always be with you once he is attached to you. He does not desire to be alone and will follow you wherever you go. For you who cannot have your privacy disturbed, this dog may not do for you.

#1 Australian Shepherd – High-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Australian Shepherd - High-Maintenance Dog Breeds


This breed is full of stamina and energy which seems to be no running out of battery. They need your time for outdoor exercises like walking or running and hiking and if you are not an active type of person, this one may not suit you.

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