Top Safest Cars for Dogs

What Are the Safest Cars for Dogs? Here are the top safest cars for pets. When you buy your cars instead of thinking for your own convenient, you should consider your four-legged fried’s safety and comfort too since there are cars that can cause danger and discomfort. There are cars designed with some considerations to put your dogs’ in convenient and safe mode so you can bring them on travelling or some rides. Here is the list that you may learn to find one that suits you and your pet.

Safest Cars for Dogs


Volvo XC70
The safest car in the world not only for human but also for their fellow pet is undoubtedly Volvo especially the XC70 which got “pet barrier”.

Subaru Tribeca
It got vehicle’s five star crash rating which can convince you of safety and its backup camera does help a lot to gain such trust. Moreover, the auxiliary controls on the steering wheel help drivers to drive well and let others safe including your dog.

Mitsubishi Outlander
In this case, we are thinking about traveling with some of the bigger breeds of dogs. The Outlander’s fold-flat seating makes it an ideal vehicle for anybody with large breeds, such as Mastiffs. Seriously, if you think you are fitting a mastiff into a compact car, you are sadly mistaken.

Owning large dogs, this vehicle will be good for you. It got The Outlander’s fold-flat seating which will make them comfortable during travelling and such.

Jeep Liberty
Yes, this one may have some bad reputations yet this one is dog’s friendly vehicle which has specialized pet travel gear.

Mazda 5
This one is totally for dog since the design is made with dog in mind. It has multiple spots with seats that can be tethered to for maximum safety.

Best Safest Cars for Dogs

Safest Cars for Pets


Kia Seoul
This one will help the dog when some unexpected accidents happen. This one got airbags at the side curtain.

Hyundai Tucson
This car has privacy glass that is able to block the sun rays which make a total difference for your fellow pet. When it is too hot there and the sun beaming fearlessly, it can be worst and cause them death.

GMC Acadia
Again, this one makes the list as more of a matter of comfort. Often, cars do not have climate control for both the front and rear of car. In Acadia’s case, it does. This means Fido can ride with you on a hot day, but can ride with you in comfort. Heck, even on cold days you could take him for a drive and trick him into thinking it is tropical. More than safety, this one is making the list for improving quality of life for the dog.

Ford Flex
This one is again for large dog since it got more space for them to feel cozy in there.

Dodge Journey
It has in-dash cooler for you and your dog to get fresh foods and water to just chill and the fact that this one is also spacious can allow your big dog to simply get in.

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